Feed the Guild Beast to help your guild grow!
You can only feed the Guild Beast 10 equipment pieces per day.

Instructions: Edit

Raising a Guild Beast
Guild Beasts go through four stages of growth - Infant, Adolescent, Adult, and Elder. Older Beasts offer greater rewards. To grow the beast, feed it Lv20+ 2-star Superior-Grade Equipment or better. Higher-quality Equipment promotes faster growth. Only Players who feed the beast are eligible to collect EXP and Contribution Rewards once it has been killed.

Summoning the Guild Beast
Every weekend from 00:00 Saturday - 23:00 Sunday, Guild Leaders and Lieutenants may click 'Claim Beast Stone' to collect a Guild Beast Stone. Follow the instruction listed on the stone to summon and kill the beast.

Claiming Rewards
After the Guild Beast is killed, all members who contributed 20,000+ Growth Points during the week may click 'Claim Rewards' to collect EXP and Equipment rewards. The amount of rewards and their quality are determined by the Guild Beast's age.

Contributing Guild Members may claim the following EXP and Equipment rewards based on the Guild Beast's Age (Equipment issued will differ depending on the player's Level and Class):

Guild Beast Age EXP Rewards Equipment Reward (Grade/Star)
Infant 24x EXP Epic (Rank: 4 - 6)
Adult 48x EXP Epic (Rank: 5 - 7)
Elder 80x EXP Legendary (Rank: 6 - 8)

Donation Point Edit

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